When it comes to secret bathroom behaviour, few things are as satisfying as when you manage to effortlessly eject that yellowish dot of hardened sebum and dead skin cells from a blackhead. Dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are making that easier (and more profesh) with a new at-home pore cleansing/blackhead extraction tool that mimics the patented version they use in-office.

Both derms, who have continued to see patients throughout their careers (you’ll know them as the founders of Proactiv, which they sold in the ’90s, and their current venture, eponymous skincare line Rodan + Fields), say there is a high demand for extraction services in their respective practices.

Launching October 1, the Rodan +Fields Pore Cleansing MD System ($303, rodanandfields.com/ca) is a two-step process that comes with the Pore Cleansing MD Tool and Pore Prep Solution. The fragrance-free, serum-like solution is applied prior to using the tool. It contains salicylic and lactic acids for gentle exfoliation, along with matcha tea water and glycerin to hydrate and help the device glide easily across skin.

The tool itself comes with single-use tips (one type for pore cleansing and another for targeted blackhead removal) to prevent the spread of breakout-causing bacteria. The device has two suction settings to extract dead skin cells, oil and other debris. Though it will prevent breakouts, it cannot be used over existing acne.

Even on the lowest setting, the device is still powerful. On my sensitive skin, the tool left bright red lines where I swept the pore cleansing tip across my forehead, nose and chin. (FYI: The device is not recommended for use on sensitive skin.) However it wasn’t enough to deter me from using it again; the marks settled down within an hour and my skin felt satisfyingly clean. I’d describe the sensation of the device on my skin somewhere between professional microdermabrasion and hydrafacial treatments. It’s like a baby-sized Dyson for your pores.

If you’re prone to picking at your skin, this could be the derm-approved solution you’ve been waiting for.