Today, Neutrogena announced that Nicole Kidman would join Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner and Kristen Bell as their newest global brand ambassador. “The world works in mysterious ways!” said Kidman when announcing her partnership with the brand. “Right now I can honestly say I am loving life more than ever, so my overall health, including the health of my skin is a top priority.” Below, the Lion actress reveals skincare secrets she has been abiding by since she was young.


Living Down Under taught her the importance of sunscreen:

“As you probably know I grew up in Australia where sun protection is everything from the time I was a little girl my mom taught me to protect my skin from the sun.  So looking after the health of my skin is something I’ve grown up understanding. But as times passes, I’ve realized that, sun protection has become just part of the story… I’ve learned that your skin needs a lot of attention and support, just like the rest of your body in order to keep it its healthiest. So when I had the opportunity to work with a company like Neutrogena that has skin health at the core of who they are, it was like the stars were aligning for me.”


Her beauty routine has evolved over the years:

“My current beauty routine is obviously a lot more than what it was when I was in my teens. I think when you are really young, there is cleanser and moisturizer and that’s it. For me now, I am looking to keep my skin as healthy and vibrant as it can be, most people I know want that. I am looking for products that can help do that and that’s where retinol is so important and of course daily SPF.”


Credit: James White, Neutrogena.


She never, ever goes to sleep with makeup on:

“I never go to sleep with makeup on which I was taught since I was little and that’s where the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes come in handy. They are so good for travel. I am a huge advocate of their makeup remover wipes, but I am also really into hydration and anti-aging of course.”


She understands the struggle of choosing the right anti-aging product:

“Look—the reality is, we all know choosing the right anti-aging product is trial and error, hit or miss, some things work and some don’t. But at this point in my life I am looking for something that simply works, that’s why I am really excited to join this passionate and dedicated team.”


What “beauty” really means to her:

“It means love, ultimately. It means putting beauty in the world and putting love in the world. And I don’t mean physical beauty, I mean feeling good and that’s why I stress that. I really do believe that when people feel good about themselves, then they help others and they are willing to give more. All of the things I think are great attributes of human beings, but they stem from if you feel good.”