Lush Teases A “God Is A Woman” Bath Bomb

Jul 18 2018 by
Categories : Skincare

"Omg @lushcosmetics I would do anything."  

After the release of Ariana Grande’s music video for “God Is A Woman,” fans rushed to Twitter asking Lush Cosmetics to create a bath bomb inspired by a scene in the video. This got the attention of both the brand and Grande herself. The pop star enthusiastically tweeted her approval of the idea, saying “Omg @lush cosmetics I’ll do anything.”



Now, Jack Constantine, product inventor and chief digital officer for Lush, has Instagram Storied a prototype of the bath bomb, though the company has not yet confirmed whether or not it will be released for sale. 




If you are as eager as Grande for this potential collab, the brand suggests combining these four bath bombs for a similar aesthetic in the meantime. 


Pink Bath Bomb $8.95, Sex Bath Bomb $7.95, Intergalactic Bath Bomb $7.95, Twilight Bath Bomb $6.95, available at


Categories: Skincare