Jennifer Aniston isn’t totally sold on eating yogurt. “I have gone through phases of eating yogurt for breakfast, and then I kind of stop it for a while and clean out dairy all together,” says the actress when we reach her on the phone in L.A. “But in terms of what it does for our skin? I love that.” We’re discussing the merits of fermented milk (probiotics for your gut! lactic acid for smooth skin!) because of its starring role in the new Aveeno line of creamy moisturizers and body washes, for which Aniston is a spokesperson. Turns out this balanced approach is indicative of her overall health and wellness strategy, which includes a device for cellular rejuvenation that fellow Friends-alum Courtney Cox got her hooked on, but also DIY In-N-Out burgers. Read all about it below. 


Hi Jen! Where am I reaching you today?

I am in California! I am in my home, in L.A.


What is the most California thing about your wellness routine? Like are you really into crystals? Do you go to Soul Cycle? Any of those things?

That is hysterical! Is L.A. so associated with SoulCycle?


It is from my Toronto-based perspective.

You must have a SoulCycle in Toronto right?


We just got one!

Oh great! Well I don’t do SoulCycle. I have always sort of been into crystals and stones and potions and all of those sort of things since I moved here. I do have to say, that the one thing I love to do is explore the spiritual side of life since moving to California. You don’t get that so much in New York City when you are surrounded by cement and cars and all the buildings and stuff. So I would say right now the most California thing I do is… I just lit candles three nights in a row, we just had that major eclipse. That was pretty California.



Jennifer Aniston at an event in 2017.

Have you ever done one of those heat-wrap things where you wrap up your body and sweat it out?

Of course! Infrared saunas you mean? Yes! I actually built one into [my] gym because I had a portable one in my last house that Courtney [Cox] told me about, and she loved it. She said it was just incredible for her skin and cellular rejuvenation and detoxification—all of that stuff. They actually have a place here [in L.A.] called The Shape House, and basically you go and lay in a little cocoon and they have a television. So you kind of wrap up in a little sleeping bag and you can basically sweat it out for an hour.


They don’t have that here, but I will have to try it out.

Well you can get it online! You can [google] infrared portable saunas and get one.


I’ll look into it! So you have done a bunch of these cool Cali-style good-for-you things, do you have any vices?

Oh you mean like what is my naughty thing, my cheat thing?



Let me think. We have sort of discovered how to make In-N-Out burgers. We actually had a little party on Saturday and we made In-N-Out burgers that were like the healthier version. And onion rings! So that was kind of a bit of a vice moment. But I always give myself a bit of a day of that.


Once a week?

Yeah! Once a week. It is always good to allow yourself to have an indulgence once a week. Because otherwise you just feel like, what’s the point? If you are just completely eating veggies and proteins and whatnot.


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