“You should always carefully read the list of ingredients on personal-care products,” advises microbiologist Alain Ménard. “The shorter it is, the better. And the more the terms seem straight out of science fiction or simply unfathomable, the more you should reconsider your choice.” Acting on the strength of their convictions, Ménard and his wife, biochemist Karen Clark, founded Green Beaver in 2002. Their mission from the start was to provide families with healthy, organic, 100% natural skincare, hair and hygiene products that are good for them and good for the environment.
The Green Beaver company, based in Hawkesbury, Ontario, where it operates its own research lab, has developed over 60 environmentally friendly and chemical-free products, including natural deodorants and – remarkably – antiperspirants. Read on to learn more.

Fighting odour, blocking moisture
Sweat has almost no odour. This might seem surprising, but it’s true. The problem is that sweat attracts bacteria, yeasts and microscopic fungi that are present – not that we want to think too much about this – on the surface of the armpits. These micro-organisms, which feed on sweat, proliferate when they come into contact with it. And this is what brings about unpleasant odours.
Deodorants, as the name suggests, are specially formulated to fight odour. But they have no effect on the sweating process. In this respect, natural formulas – like those by Green Beaver, sold in stick or environmentally friendly spray form – work extremely well thanks to antimicrobial agents such as sage and Labrador tea extracts, which fight odours without blocking moisture. One thing to keep in mind: Many natural deodorants also contain baking soda. “Over time, this ingredient can cause irritation by altering the natural pH of the armpits’ delicate skin,” explains Ménard. “That’s why we don’t use it in our deodorants.”
There’s a good chance you don’t want to deal with the problem of wet armpits, which is always unpleasant, even in these days of confinement. If so, there’s a solution for people who sweat more heavily: antiperspirants, which act directly on the sweating process by blocking the sweat ducts. The key ingredient here is aluminum salts, but their use is unfortunately controversial – and yet they are found in almost all antiperspirants.
The problem is that for a long time, consumers have had to choose between dry armpits and their own health. But no more. In their quest for a solution, Green Beaver researchers have tackled the problem of perspiration at the source with a 100% natural product. Mission accomplished.

Stopping sweat without aluminum
Can a natural antiperspirant really work? The answer is yes. Even after a 5K run, even on those days when your hormones are wreaking havoc or your stress levels are off the charts. “Our next-generation aluminum-free and paraben-free antiperspirants contain a trio of mimosa, jojoba and carnauba waxes, to which we add odour-fighting plant extracts as well as a highly refined form of tapioca powder,” explains Ménard. “When it’s applied, the sweat ducts aren’t completely blocked, as is the case with products containing aluminum salts.” Instead, the Green Beaver antiperspirant compound forms a natural protective barrier that stops most sweat in its tracks. The small amount of sweat that escapes this barrier is captured by the highly absorbent tapioca powder, and this process makes the protective film even more effective.
This technological innovation, called NaturaDri, is a game-changer when it comes to antiperspirants. Dermatologically tested and clinically proven, it helps keep armpits dry without risk of irritation. This means that Green Beaver antiperspirants are not only hypoallergenic, they also soothe the skin. So much so that they can even be used immediately after shaving, unlike products that contain aluminum salts.
And here’s the best news of all: A study conducted with a test group – with judges specially trained to evaluate the smell of armpits ! – found that Green Beaver antiperspirant effectively fights odours even after 24 hours.

About Green Beaver
We believe that each of us has the opportunity to create a positive impact in this world. For us, that means creating products that do not harm animals, do not harm the earth, and do not harm you. Our philosophy comes from years of research on the harmful effects that chemicals have on our bodies and on the environment, driving us to infuse all-natural goodness into everything we do. It’s more than a philosophy. It’s a promise.