When I meet Ole Henriksen, founder of his eponymous skincare line, it’s 8:00 a.m. and I haven’t had a coffee yet. He runs over to me, greets me hello and then asks me to join him in a dance. He’s exuberant. I barely have this much energy after 12 hours of sleep. It’s a combination, I find out, of a deeply optimistic personality, a fairly regimented diet, great skincare and a longtime love of movement. “I love to dance,” he tells me later, when we sit down to talk. “I dance non-stop. I was a professional dancer [competitive ballroom, ballet and modern] in my youth, and I haven’t stopped.” Here’s how he does food, fitness and skincare. 


On skincare:

I love my routine. I use my On The Go Cleanser, which is a foaming cleanser based on vitamin C and yucca. Men like Justin Timberlake are mad for that. Mark Wahlberg? Mad for it. Then I follow with my Truth Serum Collagen Booster; I’ve been a fan of this for years. I use two pumps, leave it to absorb for two minutes. Then my Truth Reveal Super Cream with SPF 15, broad-spectrum protection.  And then I do my Total Truth Eye Cream, SPF 15. Ready to go.

At night, my cleanser is the same. [Then] my Invigorating Night gel acid, with algae. I feel the tingling. I do it very heavy, because I’m old, up under the eyes. I’m 65. I’m still kicking ass. And then I do my Pure Truth Youth rosehip seed oil afterwards: pure vitamin C, vitamin A, retinoic acid, Omega 3, 6 and 9. And then my Ultimate Lift Eye Gel with cucumber extract and microalgae and I’m set to go. 


On exercise:

I do gymnastics rings – I built it in my backyard. Yeah, at 65: advanced gymnastics. I’ve done it for years. I do it on my own.



Ole with the gymnastic rings he built in his backyard. 


On food:

I eat healthy, I start my day with cooked oatmeal, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and walnuts. No sugar ever. I drink lots of water and then I have my little secret: a little coffee. My favourite cocktail is vodka on the rocks. So I do have a little booze. I find a piece of chocolate cake here and there. But I’m very aware [of my diet when I travel for work] and I work hard, like last night, you know Canoe [in Toronto]? The amazing restaurant. Awesome seafood. I mean yes, I would have loved to have a drink, but when I’m on the road working hard, I don’t touch alcohol. That waits when I’m back in L.A. 

I think it’s all about balance. It’s also about really feeling good about yourself and about life. And embracing everyday like a new beginning. I mean, we are a brand that has a big personality. I do believe that we should all behave wildly and crazy; you can still work hard and focus.