When it comes to our skin, we all do our best to find products that deliver real results. With e-Youth Finder, Lancôme’s new AI-powered virtual-skin-assessment tool, it’s easy to achieve a fresh and youthful complexion, no matter your age, ethnicity or skin type. With just one photo, the tool conducts a real-time analysis of your six key skin concerns and creates a personalized routine to help your skin bounce back from the wear and tear of daily life. Here’s how Lancôme’s new e-Youth Finder tool helped ELLE Insider Thanuska Subramaniam optimize her routine.

“This tool was super easy to use and so informative—I never thought taking a selfie could provide so much information about my skin! I love that it suggests products based on my concerns. The recommended routine was perfect as it targets my dry skin and focuses on the areas that I haven’t been giving much attention to, like under my eyes. This is an amazing tool for someone who is new to skincare or even someone who is more knowledgeable, like myself.”

After using the E-Youth finder tool to discover the best products for her skin, Thanuska tested out Lancôme’s Génifique serum—loaded with ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C, soothing ceramides and a microbiome-strengthening pre- and probiotic complex—for seven days. Here, she shares what she loved about it.

Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum from Lancôme, $99

It’s incredibly lightweight

“The moment I applied the serum onto my skin, I noticed how lightweight and non-sticky it is. It layers well with other products and doesn’t feel overwhelming and my skin felt like it could breathe.”

It’s great for sensitive skin

“When I’m incorporating a new skincare product, my extremely sensitive skin usually reacts right away, but it didn’t have any reaction or feel irritated. Instead, the texture was smoothed and my skin had a natural glow.”

It boosts radiance

“In the morning, my skin is usually dry and dehydrated, but I woke up with soft, supple skin that looked more radiant, plump and alive. The formula instantly hydrated my skin, including the dry patches around my nose.”