From collectable lip balms to hotly anticipated drops of merch, the news of a Glossier launch spreads like wildfire through the brand’s legions of loyal fans (us included).

Glossier’s followers are also notoriously unafraid when it comes to speaking their mind about which products they want to see with that pink ‘G’ stamp of approval. Simply take to the brand’s Instagram to see the world’s most devoted beauty community discussing what they want next. So, when the people demanded a Glossier You candle, a Glossier You candle is what they received.

Now, this isn’t the first ever home fragrance launch from the brand, but it is the first to come in its signature scent – and we think that’s something worth getting excited about. The brand first treated us to an orange-blossom and neroli candle as part of its limited-edition holiday collection last year, and now they’ve truly answered our prayers with a burner in the scent of the fan-favourite fragrance, You.

For fans of the subtle and cosy scent, there will be no surprises here. The petite frosted-pink votive burns with that inimitable blend of perky pink pepper and cashmere-soft musk, filling your home with crowd-pleasing comfort.

The candle is currently only shoppable as one half of Glossier’s More Of You Kit ($95), which also contains a bottle of the original perfume, wrapped up neatly in a keepsake red tin.

Will we get a larger, standalone version of the candle in the future? If we shout loud enough, perhaps…


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