“Mom, what was it like for you when I moved out at 14?”

“At first it was very difficult,” replies Vania Nonnenmacher, the septuagenarian mother of Brazilian supermodel and activist Gisele Bündchen. “But I knew the daughter I had raised. I hoped that you would always remember the values you had learned.”

Bündchen, who was tapped as the face of the Dior Capture Totale in September 2019, has previously worked with Dior Beauty to create a series of short, inspirational videos on the life lessons she holds close to her heart. Now, in celebration of Mother’s Day, she joins her mother to share three lessons that are special to the pair.

Lesson One: Share Your Legacy

Bündchen began her modelling career at the age of 14, when she moved, by herself, from her home in Brazil to New York. Understandably, this was a difficult transition for Bündchen’s mother (as even the most mature 14 year old is still an adolescent). But for her, confidence in the values she instilled in the model at a young age allowed her to overcome her fears. “You went into the world by yourself,” she says in her native Portuguese language. “But I knew the daughter I had raised, the daughter I had at home. I trusted you a lot and always believed in you.”

Lesson Two: Connect To Your Roots

Growing up, Bündchen’s favourite place to spend the holidays was at her grandmother’s nature-filled quarters in Horizontina, Brazil, where her mother was raised. This had an immense influence on the person that she has become. “I think that this connection with nature helps us not only to respect nature itself, but to respect ourselves and each other, because we’re all connected,” she says.

Lesson 3: Take Care of Yourself

“I believe that the greatest beauty comes from the inside,” says Bündchen’s (absolutely radiant) mother, when asked how she stays feeling beautiful as she grows older. Developing and maintaining good habits are her secret to happiness and beauty at every stage of life. “We need to take care of ourselves in order to let the good things show.”


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