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On our quest for a calm and balanced lifestyle, we’ve learned that certain things are key: a healthy diet, exercise and a consistent sleep schedule. But when it comes to achieving calm and balanced skin, things can get complicated—especially if you have sensitive skin. Flare ups are a common occurrence, between allergic reactions to harsh ingredients, patch testing and even contact dermatitis (think rashes and inflammation). There’s a lot to consider. Here are five basic tips for caring for even the most sensitive skin.

1. Temperature control

Pay attention to water temperature. Washing your face with hot water might feel relaxing, but it can cause increased sensitivity. It also strips your skin of its natural oils, exacerbating dryness, so stick to lukewarm temperatures.

2. Pick your products

Consider products that are designed specifically for sensitive skin, including those that are dermatologist tested and free of harsh ingredients. Our favourite product? The Olay Sensitive Calming Liquid Cleanser in Fragrance Free (also available in Hungarian Water Essence). It’s free of soaps, dyes and harsh surfactants and gentle enough to use morning and night. The dermatologist-tested line consists of two gentle cleansers, makeup-remover wipes and cleansing water. If that’s not enough, Olay’s formula helps immediately calm irritated skin and strengthen the skin’s surface barrier over time. The stronger your skin’s barrier is, the more resilient it will be, which helps protect against future flare ups for those with sensitive skin.

3. Take it slow

Over-exfoliating is a surefire way to irritate skin, so keep it to twice a week, whether you’re using a chemical exfoliant (like glycolic or lactic acid) or a physical scrub. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells that sit on the very top layer of the skin, and doing it too often will leave you with a dried out, inflamed complexion.

4. Clean sweep

Double cleansing is a great way to ensure you haven’t left any makeup behind at the end of the day and help prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Start with the Olay Sensitive Calming Makeup Remover Wipes or the Sensitive Calming Cleansing Water to gently remove makeup with micellar cleansing molecules, and finish with Olay’s Sensitive Calming Liquid Cleanser to leave you with a perfectly clean complexion.

5. Rays of light

It’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays are harmful, making SPF a must for everyone. But this is especially true for sensitive skin types, who are more prone to burns and sun damage. While choosing between a chemical or mineral sunscreen comes down to personal preference, mineral sunscreens are less likely to cause stinging and irritation in sensitive skin, so we suggest opting for an SPF that contains physical blockers zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.


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