Apologies to the season’s countless beauty launches—these days, earning a spot in our skincare lineup is no easy feat. Our list of must-have qualities in a product is a long one (near the top are an innovative, bio-based formula, true efficacy and wide-ranging praise), and, sometimes, looking to long-standing skincare icons is the answer.

Such is the case with Clarins Double Serum. Crafted by Canada’s number one prestige-skincare brand*, this esteemed product combines two powerful serums in one bottle—its claim to fame since its first formulation in 1985. Now on its eighth iteration, the Double Serum remains a complete age-control concentrate, tackling a slew of skin-aging concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness and radiance as well as visible pores.


Double Serum - Clarins

So just how does Double Serum achieve its 360-degree results? It’s all thanks to a largely natural formula that stimulates the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. A curated blend of 21 extra-potent plant extracts—including organic ingredients like green banana, goji berries and ginger lily—offers effective but gentle action, and it’s suitable for pretty much everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity or skin type.

Double Serum’s undeniable ingenuity also comes from its dual-pump system, which perfectly dispenses a mixture that’s two-thirds water-based ingredients and one-third oil-based. The serum goes on feeling like a second skin, and following Clarins’ unique application recommendation will enhance its efficacy and heighten the sensorial experience. Warm the mixture in your hands to improve its absorption by the skin, use the natural weight of your hands to distribute it over your face and neck, then apply gentle draining pressure three times on each area: the cheeks, the forehead and the neck.

Now, what you’ve patiently waited for: the clinically proven performance and real-life results. Right off the bat, there’s a noticeable radiance, and after just one week, visible pores and fine lines are diminished, leaving skin smoother and more firm. Round out your routine with one of Clarins’ day or night creams—choose from Multi-Active, Extra-Firming, Super Restorative and Nutri-Lumière, depending on your skin’s particular needs—to double the benefits for beautiful results.

To learn more about the products or to purchase them, visit the Clarins website.


Double Serum - Clarins

*Source: The NPD Group/BeautyTrends®, Canada. Based on dollar sales, latest 12ME Dec 2022.