A treatment that vows to boost our beauty routine and protect the proteins essential to the structure of our skin? This is Institut Esthederm’s promise with its Age Proteom Advanced Serum™, a new product based on years of research.

Origin Story

When Jean-Noël Thorel, pharmacist and founder of NAOS (the parent company of the Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur brands), and Miroslav Radman, geneticist and founder of MedILS (Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences), got together in the early 2000s to research what causes the skin to age, they made a major scientific discovery, which they called “NAOS Aging Science.” Radman made a key finding: Preserving the integrity of the proteome—the proteins found in the body’s organs—in the dermis and epidermis is essential to keeping skin looking healthy and youthful. “Protein breakdown leads to advanced signs of aging,” explains Maude Guillemette, beautician and national trainer for NAOS. Insitut Esthederm developed Age Proteom Advanced Serum™, which contains Arthrobacter agilis extract (commonly known as “snow bacteria”), an extremophile and quasi-immortal organism that acts as a physical and biochemical shield for proteins. Protecting the skin’s proteins from oxidation and environmental aggressors (UV rays, pollution, extreme temperatures) helps collagen and elastin production. “The serum addresses five signs of aging: loss of density, loss of firmness, fine lines, uneven skin texture and lack of radiance,” says Guillemette.


The good news is this new serum can be integrated into any beauty routine, whether it’s a minimalist one or a 10-stepper. “I advise using it after cleansing your face and before applying other serums and creams,” says Guillemette. A specific protocol has been developed by Institut Esthederm to integrate the Age Proteom Advanced Serum™ into all of its in-house spa treatments, to re-energize the skin as well as increase the effectiveness of the product. “We work on the eyebrow muscles, the cheekbones, the base of the nose, the contour of the lips, the jaw and the neck using slow and deliberate motions that contract the cells and stimulate the fibroblast,” says Guillemette.

End Result

During the treatment, the beautician’s hands felt like they were one with our facial muscles, activating circulation and, in the end, revealing an absolutely radiant complexion. Using the serum ourselves at home, we loved its pearly-white texture—which melts easily into the skin without leaving an oily film—and how it left our face ready for our daily beauty routine. Its delicate floral fragrance is already making us look forward to the next application, and it scores serious bonus points for its soft-focus effect, which instantly makes us look good!


Institut Esthederm
Age Proteom Advanced Serum™

Price: $139