By now, you’re probably well aware of all the factors at play when it comes to skin aging. Basking in all the glorious sunshine on a spring day? Meet the single greatest cause of skin damage. City slicking where pollution levels are oh so high? That’ll do it too. But life goes on! We can’t always avoid our daily joys in the name of preserving collagen (nor would we want to). When the signs of skin aging do become a bother, the key is adopting a skincare regimen that can target lines and wrinkles of all types.

So how do you address the sum of your skin concerns? Come at them from every direction. That’s the inspiration behind Clinique Smart Clinical RepairTM Wrinkle Correcting Serum, a powerful new product that literally outsmarts wrinkles from all angles. “[It’s] inspired by how dermatologists address aging concerns through multiple approaches,” says Dr. Tom Mammone, vice-president of skin physiology and pharmacology at Clinique. “The serum assesses not just one zone of the face but your face in totality, including multiple types of lines and wrinkles.”

Backed by an expert panel of scientists and dermatologists, the creation process behind Clinique’s Smart Clinical RepairTM Wrinkle Correcting Serum was one of complete innovation. In order to target several signs of aging, the formula couldn’t rely on just a single ingredient to deliver results; instead, a multi-pronged method allowed the team to “ladder up” to a precise level of performance and efficacy for even the most sensitive skin. “We carefully selected each ingredient for its individual power and ability to work synergistically with other ingredients,” says Dr. Mammone of the differentiating element between this serum and other products. “The final formulation is like an orchestra— what the ingredients create together is greater than what they do individually.”

With that in mind, the Clinique development team wielded a multidirectional objective for the super-concentrated formula: repair, resurface and replump. On the repair front—a necessary approach to address existing skincare issues—comes Clinique’s CL1870 Laser Focus ComplexTM.

If it sounds studied and high- tech, that’s because it is. It’s made up of a trio of peptides that work collectively to boost your skin’s natural collagen production, while some familiar (and perhaps surprising) ingredients—caf- feine and algae extract—act as anti-irritants to calm and soothe the skin for more optimal repair. Together, this unstoppable blend helps strengthen the dermal matrix.

As far as replumping is concerned, there’s nothing more trusted than hyaluronic acid, the skincare world’s gold standard for hydration. It’s why the beloved ingredient also plays a prominent role in Smart Clinical RepairTM Wrinkle Correcting Serum. Considered a hygroscopic substance—basically, being really good at absorbing water from its environment—hyaluronic acid works by regulating and maintaining moisture levels in the skin. The outcome? Hydrated, supple skin, which minimizes the look of fine lines.

The final piece of Clinique’s super-serum is one that tackles resurfacing. Enter the brand’s state-of-the-art retinoid: This next-generation compound does all the radiance-imbuing work we’ve come to love and expect—instigating natural cell turnover, lessening fine lines, revealing a more refined surface—without the unwelcome irritation. In fact, it’s gentle enough to use twice daily (as long as you’re wearing SPF 15 or higher during the day).

But everyone knows that a much-touted product is only as good as its real-life results. Trust us when we say Clinique Smart Clinical RepairTM Wrinkle Correcting Serum starts working right away. The first effect is one of immediate, all-day hydration—an ideal result for applying makeup that won’t end up cakey or set- tled into the creases. Just 10 days later, there’s a totally noticeable lit-from-within brightness. Hard-to-treat lines like the ones that ripple along our foreheads become less visible too.* Best part is, positive, long-term results continue for eight, 12 and 16 weeks. Paired with Clinique Smart Clinical RepairTM Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream—a peptide-packed formula that has a similar smoothing effect on the eyes—it’s undeniable radiance from every corner of the face. Call us impressed.

*Consumer testing on 358 people