There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when looking for the perfect treat for the man in your life – after all, life’s complicated enough these days. So we’ve got you covered! ELLE Canada editors have rounded up the best grooming products from cult-favourite brand Jack Black, which serves up solution-oriented gems for those looking to score some good stuff (read “dermatologist-approved no-fuss results”) without any bad stuff like parabens or harsh surfactants.

Here are our picks for every man. But be warned: Once you peep the solid skincare science and fresh scents at play, you might be tempted to borrow them for yourself.

For the attention-getter


Black Reserve Body Spray ($46 for 100 mL) is a sophisticated fragrance that’s both subtle and unforgettable. Notes of zesty mandarin, spicy cardamom and smoky cedarwood mingle in this modern power-meeting-worthy juice, making it a go-to scent for anyone who knows how to make an impression.

For the workout warrior

Creatine—the same amino acid that helps bodybuilders get jacked—teams up with powerful wheat and white lupine proteins in True Volume Thickening Shampoo ($39 for 473 mL). The result? Hair that looks and feels as full as his calves after leg day.

For the night owl

Nighttime BAK-up ($73 for 50 mL) feels as satisfying going on as it does when he checks out his refreshed skin in the morning (even if he didn’t get a solid eight hours). The keys to this quenching cream? Bakuchiol, a botanical ingredient that’s pegged as a less irritating alternative to retinol—an all-star anti-aging ingredient—and Cannabis sativa-seed oil, which prevents moisture loss while also soothing skin.

For the multi-tasker

This sulfate-free genius product does it all: Its coconut-derived star ingredient gently cleanses hair and skin while jojoba and shea butter moisturize and protect. The ultimate bonus of the Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser ($64 for 974 mL) though? The light coriander and bergamot scent means he can cross “applying cologne” off his to-do list.

For the purist


This crisp, clean scent is perfect for the summer weather that’s finally rolling in. With its herbal notes of spearmint, eucalyptus and rosemary, a spritz of Jack Black Turbo Body Spray ($42 for 100 mL) is the most invigorating way to close out his morning shower or afternoon workout routine.