DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts People Will Actually Want to Receive

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DIY expert Vivian Cheung breaks down two simple but chic Valentine's Day gift ideas step-by-step.

Bath Bombs

“Each bath bomb can have a different essential oil,” says Cheung. We’re partial to calming lavender or romantic rose, but do as you like! 





  • Large bowl for dry ingredients
  • Bowl or cup for wet ingredients 
  • Whisk
  • Measuring cups or spoons 
  • Fork


1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk.

2. Mix wet ingredients in a cup with a fork.

3. Slowly mix in the wet ingredients to the dry. Stir until color is evenly distributed.

4. Place a pinch of dried roses into half of the mold. Cover with bath bomb mixture and pack tightly. Repeat to the other half of mold.

5. Snap the mold together and leave in freeze overnight for best results.


Faux-Fur Slippers and Eye Mask 

Use the below steps to design your very own faux-fur slippers. “Pair them with a matching sleep mask by following the same steps,” says Cheung. 


  • Cardstock for template
  • Pen or marker
  • Slippers (purchase one, or you can repurpose from a hotel or spa visit)
  • Sleep mask (purchase one, or you can repurpose from an overnight flight)
  • ¼ yard of faux-fur fabric
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Lint roller



1. Create a template by tracing the top exterior edge of the slippers onto cardstock with a pen. Cut out template with scissors.

2. Trace template onto the backside of the faux-fur fabric with chalk. Cut out fabric with scissors. Use a lint roller to clean off any excess fluff.

3. Cover the top exterior of the slippers with fabric glue. Be sure to coat the edges and corners. Insert your hand into the slipper to maintain the shape when applying glue.

4. Carefully place the faux-fur fabric on to the glued area. Let dry for an hour.

5. Trim the edge of the faux-fur for a clean finished look.

Designer/DIY Expert VIVIAN CHEUNG Videographer QUINN MEYERS Creative Assistant CHARLENE KHAN Art Direction JED TALLEO Editor VICTORIA DIPLACIDO 

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