Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is known for her complete devotion to glamour. See: her 24-7 makeup routine (when it’s time for bed, she takes off her daytime makeup and tran-sitions to her bedroom look), mandatory high-heels dress code and proclivity for using the word “darling.” So if she’s launching a product that makes you look “a little bit like Hannibal Lecter” when you wear it, the results must be really worth it. The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ($27 each) was developed to deliver immediate skin gratification and, since it isn’t wet, can even be worn over a full face of makeup should your calendar resemble a successful game of Tetris. “I don’t have 28 days to see the skin results; I have 28 seconds,” says Tilbury, who road-tested the product on celebrity clients like Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston before photo shoots and red-carpet appearances.

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While typical sheet masks largely comprise glycerine and water, the dry mask is composed of nearly 80-percent active ingredi­ents: plant-derived stem cells (to smooth), niacinamide (to brighten), crocus-bulb extract (to firm) and rich butters and hydrating oils (to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier). The mask’s delivery system mimics the natural biochem­ical processes of skin; when activated with a quick massage, it helps your skin latch on to ingredients, releasing the product for up to eight hours. (Try wearing the mask while blow-drying your hair; the heat from your body aids in the penetration of the product.) It should be worn for 15 minutes and can be resealed and reused at least three times. The mask’s serial-killer aesthetic doesn’t stop Tilbury from wearing it in the back of taxis and during meetings (always over her makeup, of course). “We are time poor,” she tells us in her trademark husky voice. “What we want is instant results, right? And that’s based on delivery systems and technology—this is makeup meets tech.”


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This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of ELLE Canada.