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Could Biotherm have found the ever-elusive fountain of youth? Intrigued by the healing powers of the thermal springs of the Pyrenees mountains in France, Biotherm founder Dr. Jos Jullien discovered Life Plankton there in the 1950s. Today, Life Plankton is cultivated through a natural and sustainable bio-fermentation process. The ingredient, which contains 35 nutrients, is even more powerful when combined with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

After using LIFE PLANKTON™ ELIXIR for 8 days, your complexion is renewed, revitalized and resilient to life’s great challenges—no matter your age or skin condition. After using the Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir Fundamental Regenerating Treatment for 8 days, here’s what our testers thought.

Andie, 42, dull skin


“I applied the Elixir morning and night after cleansing. I loved the silky, non-greasy texture of the serum and how quickly it was absorbed by my skin. After the first application, I was already impressed by how supple and hydrated the skin on my neck and face felt. After 8 days, no visible dry patches remain and my skin feels silky-soft. My whole face appears brighter and healthier. I will definitely continue using the serum.


Corinne, 29, dry skin with imperfections

“I use a cleansing balm, a cleanser, a toner, night and day serums and a moisturizer every day. I enjoyed applying this super-light, smooth product—it was quickly absorbed by my skin without leaving a greasy or sticky film, and the fresh, delicate fragrance was a plus. It’s a great first step in my new beauty routine. My skin looks more even and radiant, and it also feels firmer and just looks healthier overall. I experienced zero breakouts during the trial period. I love my new healthy glow!”

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