Perhaps predictably, February is the busiest month of the year for some wax bars. “It’s like Christmas!” says Amy Finnegan Burns, director of operations for WAXON Waxbars. “People are going away on vacation, doing something for Family Day or celebrating Valentine’s Day. With those three things combined, we are always fully booked after the sixth of February.” 

The most popular service for WAXON, which has six locations across Ontario and one in Nova Scotia, is still the Brazilian wax. “Everything bare” has consistently been the most requested service over the last 5 years, and makes up 70% of the brand’s business. “The one thing that people do switch up depending on their mood or personal preference is leaving a landing strip,” says Finnegan Burns. “We are seeing a slight growth in landing strips for women.” 

What has changed about the Brazilian wax are the people getting them. “What we’ve seen is a spread in demographic,” she says. It’s not just 25 year-olds requesting the service – clients are anywhere from 17 to 70 years of age. The most dramatic growth they’ve seen is in the 55+ age group, which increased by 10% for the company in the last year. 

(A brief public service announcement: You need to wait 24 hours before engaging in sexual activity after having a wax. “That friction isn’t ideal for sensitivity and ingrown hairs,” says Finnegan Burns. Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so that means you want to aim to wax – if that’s your preference, we’re by no means saying waxing or shaving is a must – Saturday, Sunday or Monday.) 

The second most popular service for female clients? Arm waxing, which has seen a “massive increase” in the last two years, particularly in the summer months. “Nostrils is up there as well,” says Finnegan Burns, who promises this is not as painful as it sounds. Hard wax is applied to a popsicle stick and spread on the outer and inner corner of the nostrils, then left to harden before being pulled out. “It is a quick 3 minutes,” she says. “Among women and men it is becoming an incredibly popular add-on service. Five years ago, I don’t think [that demand] really existed.”