9 New Acne-Clearing Products of Note

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The latest and greatest acne-clearing treatments on the market.

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    Salicylic acid! Benzoyl peroxide! LED lights! Clays of all kinds! Take your pick from these ELLE-approved acne-clearing products and devices. 
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    © Dr. Dennis Gross
    What's in it: Blue and red LED lights. (The blue light works on acne bacteria a the surface of skin, while the red light penetrates further, and works on reducing inflammation.)

    Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpotLite™ Acne Treatment Device ($67.62), drdennisgross.com
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    © Clear Clinical
    What's in it: 5% benzoyl peroxide in a gel base. (Editor's note: This is my go-to acne product. I had a mini meltdown when my last tube ran out before a trip.) 

    Clear Clinical Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment ($75), at clearclinical.com
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    © Dermalogica
    What's in it: Salicylic acid, niacinamide and chondrus crispus extract (a type of seaweed) to moisturize. 

    Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster ($28), at dermalogica.com
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    © Better Skin Co.
    What's in it: Salicylic acid and essential oils, including tea tree, rose hip and rapeseed, plus vitamin E. 

    The Better Skin Co. Zit No More ($23.50), at thebetterskinco.com 
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    © Beauty Counter
    What's in it: Wintergreen and rosebay willow; it's free of oils. Also of note: the Countercontrol Acne Spot Treatment, which contains 2% salicylic acid.

    Beautycounter Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream ($49), at beautycounter.com
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    © Odacité

    What's in it: Activated charcoal, Rhassoul clay (a mineral-rich clay from Morocco) and peppermint and tea tree oils. 

    Odacité Black Mint Cleanser ($48), at thedetoxmarket.ca

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    © Dr Roebuck's
    What's in it: Red and white Australian clays, and antioxidants derived from Australian fruits. 

    Dr Roebuck's Uluru Purifying Mask ($35), at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca
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    © Glossier
    What's in it: Five percent benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil and a salicylic acid derivative, which the brand says is more gentle on the skin. 

    Glossier Zit Stick ($17), at glossier.com
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