PAIN FACTOR: Zero, unless you manage to nick yourself. 

COST: Totally affordable. 

BENEFIT: There’s the DIY appeal of not having to book an appointment, plus the latest razor launches are making the shaving experience a bit more pleasurable. Gillette has released Venus Platinum, a metal version of its popular razor (not everyone wants a pink handle), while the new Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor can be used to shave both forward and backwards. 



PAIN FACTOR: Imagine plucking out an individual hair, but instead of one hair, you’re plucking handfuls, and instead of one pair of tweezers, you’re using 12. 

COST: Varies. The Philips Satinelle will set you back $100, which is about the cost of two full-leg waxes. 

BENEFIT: Feeling vaguely European. (Apparently this is a popular method overseas.) Like waxing, this technique pulls hair out from the root, so the results will last a lot longer than shaving. 



PAIN FACTOR: Depends on which area you wax, but the default is unpleasant. 

COST: Varies. 

BENEFIT: When it’s done correctly, super-smooth skin with zero irritation. Over time, continual waxing of the same area will result in finer hair. 



PAIN FACTOR: About the same as waxing—feels like being snapped by a hot elastic band. 

COST: Varies. Because hair grows in cycles and there needs to be a hair in the follicle for the laser to target, expect to require no fewer than four sessions but sometimes up to six. Be wary of “deals”—these are often for lower-power lasers that require more sessions, and those add up quickly. 

BENEFIT: Once your treatments are done, you may never have to think about hair removal again. 



PAIN FACTOR: None, other than the general weight of societal expectations. 

COST: Continually fielding questions/sidelong glances about your decision. 

BENEFIT: Glorious free time. 

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.