Plant-based skincare products are taking over your skincare regimen. Here are seven botanical ingredients you should know about now.



Roses are as effective as they are beautiful. Rose oil in particular is rich in the antioxidant vitamin C and ultra-hydrating. It’s one of the most commonly used flower oils in cosmetics partly because of its anti-aging properties and heady scent. 



  Image by: Yves Rocher



The buds of plants contain all the essential elements required for a plant to grow. Scientists at Yves Rocher have studied this part of the plant (the science of buds is known as “gemmotherapy”) to tap into this active. The result? Bud-nectar technology, which is 94% natural and known for its unique regenerative ability, helping to reduce the appearance of aging and dullness. And it’s the new hero ingredient in Yves Rocher’s new Anti-Age Global line.



These powerful under-the-sea plants have adapted to resist wind-generated stress and tide and temperature changes, so they are super-tough. They are also hydrating and can help skin repair itself. 



  Image by: Yves Rocher



This succulent plant is beloved for its healing properties. Gel inside its leaves contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins and, when extracted, offers anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating and skin-protecting effects. 



The stem, stalk and flowers of this pretty and powerful Mediterranean plant can help to decrease redness and soothe skin irritations. Bonus? Calendula also promotes cell repair and is rich in antioxidants.



  Image by: Hermes Rivera sur Unsplash



Avocado oil isn’t just for cooking. The oil is rich in fatty acids and emollients, so adding a few drops to skincare products provides moisture without oiliness.   



This sap, collected from the trees of Quebec, is rich in osmolytes, which help to keep water balance in cells. It also protects the skin’s barrier and helps prevent water loss, which contributes to dehydrated skin.


Yves Rocher studies plants to extract their powers. Discover the new Anti-Age Global, enriched with the nectar of plant buds, and find out for yourself.