Fall’s cool breeze has moved in, ushering out summer’s laidback vibe and bringing a return to routine. No matter how you prioritize your time (family, framily, work, side hustle), this stretch of the year is capital B busy. Finding simple ways to reset your self-care routine and focus on your own needs can make a daily difference in how you show up for yourself and others. Need some inspo? Start in the shower—the ultimate me-time setting—and add Schick Intuition to your self-care lineup. The uniquely designed razor lathers and shaves in one easy step, moisturizing skin while its pivoting four-blade razor head provides a precise, close shave. And the collection includes four variations with skin-friendly ingredients to choose from. As well as leaving skin smooth and nourished, Schick Intuition is speedy to use. It’s a time-saving beauty tool that helps make space for other simple ways to reset your self-care routine. Here’s how to find the perfect fit for you.

Reset to reflect

Timing is everything, so why not wind down your night with a warm bath and a gratitude journal? Featuring a hypoallergenic blend of natural aloe vera and vitamin E, the Sensitive Care razor tends to delicate skin quickly, freeing up a few minutes for you to reflect on what—or who—made your day.

Reset to refuel

How you fuel your day can be a total game-changer, and you can reclaim extra time in every act of self-care. To feel good inside, keep healthy snacks such as energy bites on standby and use a meal-delivery service to order goodness right to your door. To extend this level of attention to your outside, use the Pure Nourishment razor. It’s made with coconut milk and almond oil to leave skin blissfully soft in a flash.

Reset to re-energize

Practise smarter self-care by making small tweaks to your routine to unlock a big energy boost for mind and body. Revive skin by switching to the Advanced Moisture razor. It offers hydration that dry skin will drink up and delivers lasting softness thanks to the powerhouse ingredient shea butter. And did you know that proper hydration supports multiple body functions that can enhance clear thinking, digestion, your workout performance and more? Making a simple investment in a chic water bottle can help prioritize drinking more H20 daily.

Reset to refresh

In the Olympics of life (toddler chase! laundry lug! doggie scoop bend!), functional movement is vital. Revamp your wakeup routine and put the Fresh Mist razor on standby. It lathers and shaves in one step to help save you time, which means you can get in a quick five-minute stretch before hopping in the shower to enjoy its invigorating cucumber scent.

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor


Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor


Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor