Problem: A dull complexion
• “Revitalize dull skin by using a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation, and pat an illuminating cream on the temples and the highest point of the cheekbones— I call it a ‘facelift in a second.’” – Chase Aston

• “Try Giorgio Armani’s Light Master Primer; it will give you an instant glow.” – Nicolas Blanchet

• “A sweep of bronzing powder on your cheekbones, your chin and the bridge of your nose is an easy way to ‘Photoshop’ drab skin. Make sure to use a big, fluffy brush for a natural, diffused finish.” – Tony Masciangelo

Problem: Parched skin
• “For hydrated, healthy-looking skin, there is no substitute for drinking water.” – Beau Nelson

• “Cleansing with hot water will strip your skin of its natural oils, making it drier — use lukewarm water instead.” – Kimara Ahnert

• “Surface dehydration is primarily caused by a lack of water, so replacing it inside and out is the key. I like Shu Uemura’s Depsea Water. It’s a hydrating mist that you apply before your skin cream to lock in moisture.” – Jon Hennessey

Problem: Breakouts
• “To cover up a blemish, use a thick concealer in a shade that is an exact match with your skin tone. With a small brush, paint the blemish and the radius of skin around it. Use your finger to gently blend the edges. Dust a hint of loose powder over it to set.” – Beau Nelson

• “You can speed up the healing process by using a spot treatment with salicylic acid. Applying Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant with a face brush will help soften the surface of the skin and prep it for your concealer and foundation.” – Jon Hennessey

Pretty blush
For Dick Page, a sweep of pink blush on your cheeks can do more to brighten your look than a coat of mascara can do for your eyes. To prove it, he left lashes bare at Narciso Rodriguez’s spring/summer 2010 show. “I think blusher is way more important,” he told a journalist backstage, “especially if you look like you’re at death’s door.”

Hit of moisture
Go for a quick hit of moisture before you apply your makeup, says Norman Sands. “When I’m doing a runway show and my model has dehydrated skin, I apply NARSskin Aqua Gel Hydrator mask and leave it on while she’s getting her hair done.”

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