It’s not just about the
skin care products you use but how you use them that contributes to having flawless skin. Fighting dry skin, an oily complexion and the
onset of fine lines and wrinkles is enhanced with the right tools and know-how of the best ways to apply them. Bill Baker, the founder and CEO of
Consonant Skincare shares his expert tips on how to moisturize effectively for beautiful and well-hydrated skin at any age.

1. Try a three-step system.

There’s a reason why multi-step rituals are ingrained in any well-rounded
skin care regimen: it’s a foolproof method to cover all your bases—and it works. “The idea of cleanse, moisturize and protect optimizes the condition of the skin,” says Baker. It’s about the nuances in each step that can elevate your skin care routine to meet your specific needs, he explains.

SKIN CARE 101: Dry skin fixes

2. Skip your morning face wash.

So this may seem counterintuitive to the idea of attaining clear skin, but here’s the truth: many of us are overdoing it when it comes to cleansing. “If you cleanse in the evening to remove dirt and oil, there’s no need to do it again the following morning,” says Baker. To avoid unnecessarily drying out the skin, wash your face to once a day—especially in the winter months.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Let’s be clear: well-moisturized skin is a pretty big deal. “Hydration needs to be effective and potent,” says Baker. “It’s the cornerstone of having younger-looking skin.” Proper moisturizing involves a combination of adding
face oils or serums and humectants to the skin. For dry skin, applying oil directly to the face isn’t enough, says Baker. “It can act as a barrier and sit on the skin.” In order for oil to be absorbed into the deeper layers to prevent dry skin, products should contain glycerin. “It not only attracts moisture but locks it in.”


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moisturizing-secrets-page-two.jpg4. Practice daily sun protection.
Now this is a non-negotiable. After applying moisturizer to the skin, follow up immediately with a sun protectant. It locks the moisture in the skin and prevents against dehydration from sun exposure, says Baker.


5. Take your vitamins!
…Or at least look for skin care products rich in vitamins and minerals that will plump up skin with moisture and fight against fine lines and wrinkles. “Hyaluronic acid is the gold standard in anti-aging,” says Baker. Well-hydrated and moisturized skin is less likely to form wrinkles. Look for face and eye creams that contain vitamin E, a natural source that reinforces the lipid barrier, so you’re not drawing as much moisture when cleansing skin.

“We can’t fight our genes, but we can keep the aging process at bay and slow it down,” says Baker.

ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE: Your new routine

6. Try a face serum.
Don’t think of adding extra moisture to oily skin as a bad thing: Choose a humectant-based product rather than oil based to get into the deep layers on the skin and balance out sebum production, says Baker.

Sure, adding one more product to your already time-strapped morning routine can seem daunting, but “A hydration boost is beneficial this time of year,” he adds. And slowly introduce products into your skin care regimen, rather than all at once. “It will give your skin time to adjust.”

7. Use a multi-tasking face mask.
To maximize face time and target multiple skin care concerns, look for double-duty products (this will save on the cost of building up your routine as well). Try a face mask that will rehydrate skin while removing the buildup of debris and residue, and leave a fresh glow it its place. (For this we love Consonant’s DHE Mask.) Bonus? “It will help all other products work efficiently,” says Baker.

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