The ultimate summer beauty goal when it comes to makeup and skin care: a fresh, clear face with a healthy glow. Unfortunately, that slight glow often turns into outright shine. A slick face and out of control shine (unless you’re finishing up a round of beach volleyball) is definitely a summer beauty bummer. To help keep your shine and oily skin in control, we asked Dr. Anatoli Freiman, Dermatologist and Medical Director of the Toronto Dermatology Centre (, and M∙A∙C Cosmetics’ Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan for makeup and skin care tips on creating a shine-free, healthy glow that never looks oily.

Shine-free skin tip #1. Start with your skin care

Before even thinking about applying any products or makeup, take a good look at your skin care. If you tend to be on the oily side, your cleansing routine is the first line of defense. “To keep your skin less oily and
clean from acne, wear as little cosmetics as possible,” explains Dr. Freiman. “Oil-free, water-based moisturizers and makeup should be used.” Be sure to look for these key ingredients to help control your oily skin: vitamin A or tretinoin (these are typically prescription products), and salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide in over-the-counter products.

Shine-free skin tip #2. Prep before foundation

To tame oily skin all day long you need to start at the source. Before applying any foundation, concealer or powder, prep the skin with an oil-free, mattifying primer. “After washing your face and applying sunscreen, prime your t-zone with a matte primer (Matte Texture, Skin Smoother or Skin Refined Zone by M∙A∙C ),” explains Callahan. This will set the base to help prevent that shine that creeps up through foundation later in the day.

Shine-free skin tip #3. Powders don’t always equal no shine

Here’s the dilemma: In the summer, your skin should look natural and have a dewy finish; not too matte and not too shiny. Finding that balance can be tough, but Callahan’s biggest tip is to nix the heavy mattifying powders. “To keep the shine away, use primers instead of absorbing powders,” suggests Callahan. “Absorbing powders are great for fall and winter, but for summer they can look too matte.”

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More tips to keep your oily skin in check (and get that ultimate, healthy glow) on the next page …

Shine-free skin tips #4. Set your anti-shine with a matte cream

After using a primer and passing on the powder to finish your look, lightly brush on a mattifying cream. You can apply the cream before or after makeup with a small, soft brush. Apply the cream in the t-zone or shin-prone areas.

Shine-free skin tip #5. Still have shine? Opt for a blotting tissue

Some people are blessed with perfectly composed skin – neither too dry nor too oily. But most of us will experience a little extra shine in the t-zone – especially in the summer months that come with humidity and heat waves. To make sure you don’t smudge your makeup, swipe off excess oil with a blotting tissue. “When your face starts to get too shiny, blot with a tissue before touching up. M∙A∙C Blot Film is great for the t-zone,” says Callahan. If the problem is excessive and persistent, Dr. Freiman recommends booking an appointment with a dermatologist to work out a treatment plan to ensure that you have clear, dewy (never-shiny) skin all summer long.

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