Sephora Canada’s Latest Campaign Is All About Heritage

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What does it mean to belong?

Sephora Canada is tackling diversity in heritage in the latest iteration of their multi-chapter “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign, which launched earlier this summer. This time around, the campaign features seven collaborators who are opening up about how their cultures have shaped them as Canadians.

Inclusion is at the core of the “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign, which highlights living bravely and championing differences. “It was important for us to bring to the forefront authentic stories that will spark dialogue and open up the definition of beauty for Canadians,” said Deborah Neff, vice president of marketing at Sephora Canada, in a press release. “We hope to inspire and drive change as we look to celebrate our differences that make us so uniquely and unapologetically Canadian.”

The campaign features Indigenous activist Sarain Fox; blogger Lily Yange; gender justice worker Farrah Khan; dancer and choreographer Angela Mahoney; influencer Imane B; TV host Vanessa Pilon; and YouTuber Nina Huynh. Each individual spoke to Sephora about their personal journeys, navigating family and heritage and it means to belong as a Canadian.

See all the campaign images and stories below.

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    Sarain Fox
    “I’m an Indigenous woman and that inherently makes me an activist.”

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    Lily Yange
    “Living in a refugee camp taught me how to create a better life for my son.”

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    Farrah Khan
    “My chosen family has taught me to love my true self.”

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    Angela Mahoney
    “Strong. Empowered. Confident. I wanted to create an environment that celebrates every facet of a woman.”

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    Imane B
    “My veil gave me the power to find my true self.”

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    Vanessa Pilon
    “It takes strength to balance being a mother and existing outside of that.”

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    Nina Huynh
    “I carry the scars and stories of those that came before me.”

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