Look at Ryan’s smoulder. It’s hovering at Flynn Ryder levels. Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has become the new face of L’Oréal Paris. When he’s not making movies (he’s starring in
The Captive and
The Voices this year) and being Blake Lively’s husband, he’ll be smizing in campaigns for their Men Expert line of grooming products. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds and here’s why 1. He’s tall. 2. He’s handsome. I’m a woman of simple needs. Here’s what RR had to say about his new job: "I feel honoured and excited to join Men Expert, a brand that represents the essence of modernity, edginess and technology. I love the driving force that leads it to constantly provide the best products for men like me who are always doing 1000 things at the same time." Reynold’s beautiful well-coiffed wife,
Blake Lively, signed with L’Oréal Paris last year. A couple that shares a love of beauty products is a happy couple. You read it here first.