Reese Witherspoon gets a slick short haircut

Dec 02 2013 by
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reese-witherspoon-long-bob-haircutReese and her new shorter hair. Cute, no? Image courtesy of Keystone.

I was literally writing a blog post on Jennifer Aniston’s recent hair chop into a chin-length bob for tomorrow (stay tuned!), when I came across this picture of Reese Witherspoon now sporting a
shorter do. I know it’s not a massive cut (looks like just a few inches), but I think it totally freshened up her look. How cute is she? Her hair looks fuller, bouncy and makes her look instantly younger in this lob (
long bob cut). See what a few inches can do? If anything I think it can inspire to start making that short cut happen – just bit extra off the bottom each time will help you ease into the world of shorter hair. I’m doing that myself after three years of long hair and I am definitely a fan of the easing in route.
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Categories: Beauty