1Chanel_Fall2015_wingedeyelinerWinged eyeliner at Chanel Fall 2015. Image courtesy ImaxTree.com

There’s a curious new trend happening in backstage backstage for
Fall 2015 in Paris, and that’s the double beauty look. At Manish Arora,
two-toned metallic wigs sparkled under the runway lights. At Celine,
Dick Page hand-painted bespoke looks on each of the models. And at Louis Vuitton, model Fernanda Hin Lin Ly’s cotton candy strands stood out amongst the supes. The most notable take on this trend happened at the Chanel Fall 2015 show
in Paris, where the
winged eyeliner and OTT smoked out shadow distinguished the "girls" from the "boys". Makeup artist Tom Pecheux loaded up some girls with heavy liner (like
Kendall Jenner and former ELLE Canada cover girl Grace Mahary) and others  (like Cara Delevigne and Canada’s own
Emma Genier, below) with dense, powdery black shadow that was blended up to their overtly arched brows.

Chanel_Fall2015_eyeshadowWhen Emma met Cara. Image courtesy Instagram.com/Emma Genier

And the hair was just as diverse. Hair expert Sam McKnight tied ribbons and
secured golden barrettes to the knots on the "girls" and gave the "boys" a super slick, severe ponytail. Tres chic, non? What’s your take on this look? READ MORE
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