Rick Owens-backstagebeauty ghostsGhostly statues from Rick Owens Spring 2015. Images: Imaxtree

Under the bright lights, most if not all, my attempts at getting runway shots tended to be blurred visions of ghost-like creatures. My seatmate, fashion director Denis Desro, was jokingly calling it my photographic signature. There’s a certain poetic beauty to randomly capturing these fleeting moments, even if they’re not that helpful in terms of anyone being able to see the clothes or makeup! When I went backstage for beauty at Rick Owens, I found the perfect muse for my ghostly photos. Eight of the models for Owen’s show were painted a chalk white from head to toe. “They aren’t statues,” explained M.A.C Cosmetics artist Melissa Gibson. “But they just look flawless. It’s almost as if you took sidewalk chalk, like children play with, and worked it all over the body. And against his clothing it turns into something super fabulous to watch.” Unless they are apparitions…
Beauty deets: For the rest of the models, the look—which was created by M.A.C artist, Lucia Pieroni, was pared down in that classic Owens way. The skin tone was evened out to match the lightest colour on the models’ faces and the colour was taken out of the lip with a small amount of concealer.
What are top three looks from Owens’ collection that caught my eye? (Plus what’s the one accessory the models weren’t especially loving.)