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perfect-a-bold-statement-lipA bold red from Marissa Webb for spring 2014. Image courtesy of

The statement, bold lip isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re rocking
a deep red or burgundy lipstick now, or thinking about a bright orange, tomato red or pink for spring, a strong lip must be in your beauty arsenal. Here’s how to take it to the next level and make sure it’s perfect every time with some tips from Vanessa Jarman, Rimmel Canadian Makeup Artist and Spokesperson. “One of my golden tricks for applying any
bold lip, is to start right there – with the lip itself,” she explains. “Moisturize the face, blot off any conditioning agent you might have on the mouth, and start lining. This way, you can clean up around the edges with a q-tip or face wipe to ensure crisp edges will be easy to achieve with foundation or concealer afterwards.”

Fix a too bold mouth Gone a little heavy handed with your shade, or find it a touch to dark for you? Follow these steps. “All you have to do, is blot your mouth onto some tissue,” says Jarman. “Instead of placing the tissue flat against your face; avoid smudging by folding the tissue in half and setting it in between your lips.” If it’s beyond a blot or two try this: “If the lipstick or pencil you have applied is firmly set, simply apply some lip balm to your finger or small lip brush and start massaging it onto your lips. This will break down the pigment, providing some sheerness. Be careful around the edges. If too much product is rubbed off, reapply by lightly stippling your lipstick over your mouth, or lightly penciling in your shade. This will deposit product, but in a softer fashion,” advises Jarman.
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