Paris Fashion Week Diary: Backstage beauty at CoSTUME NATIONAL

Oct 01 2012 by
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To match the minimalist mindset that is CoSTUME NATIONAL’s signature,
M.A.C makeup artist Sally Branka used Charlotte Gainsbourg as her muse. “She’s so effortlessly beautiful and so natural looking. That’s who I was thinking about for this show.”
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To capture that look, Branka kept the skin fresh and clean and focused her attention on the brows and the eyes. “I’ve drawn in the brows a little bit, just to make them look full and youthful and a little bit stronger, but it’s all about the eyes. I used a
liner (Ebony pencil) at the top of the lid and filled it in through the upper lashes. There’s no mascara—the liner is what creates the definition for the eye. It’s a more mysterious look.”

The cheeks (Poised) were kept simple, but she used a highlighter (Pearl) and a pressed pigment (Sunshine) to draw attention to the cheekbones. “What’s really nice is that you can put Sunshine on sheer and you’ll look like you’ve got a dewiness to your skin—more than a shimmer. You can mix it with water if you want to take away all the sparkliness. For the consumer, I think that’s really good. You don’t want to look too glittery; that can freak some people out,” she laughed.

Categories: Beauty