Move over
beach blondes. There’s another hair hue that is equally as sexy, feminine and just as covetable. Brunette beauties have been taking Hollywood by storm for decades and the next round of starlets poised to take over all have envious brown hair. If this shade is perfect for Audrey, Penelope, Sophia and Natalie, we’re sold.


1. Audrey Hepburn

At a period when blondes were running the show, the star of
Breakfast at Tiffany’s preferred to stand out in her own way. Her dark locks have become synonymous with her iconic style, showing the world that brown is the perfect hair colour to play with. Even if less snazzy than blonde hairdos, season after season, the tone always stays in style.


2. Louise Brooks

Iconic star of the roaring twenties, this American actress managed to embody the era of silent films. Even if only a handful of movie connoisseurs have seen her movies from the interwar years, many remember her signature stark bobbed hair. This hairstyle perfectly frames the actress’ milky completion and help showcase her jet-black eyes.


3. Monica Bellucci

Lusciously sensual, this gorgeous Italian has everything needed to compete with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and contradict the myth that blondes have more fun. Her wavy hair emphasizes her perfect curves, making her the immediate centre of attention. It’s not surprising that Milanese designers Dolce & Gabbana have made her their muse.


4. Sofia Vergara

This sexy Latina, with her charming accent and disarming sense of humour, fully embraces her Columbian heritage. Instead of trying to hide it, the
Modern Family actress flaunts her dark locks with elegance and pride. It’s this charming allure that inspired P&G Beauty to hire her as their new cover-girl. This title is sure not to leave her feeling over-confident.


5. Sophia Loren

This Neapolitan movie icon has long been considered the most beautiful woman in the world. And still, in 2012, she is known as the one who answered to Marcello Mastroianni in
Marriage Italian Style and who gave an unforgettable striptease in
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, all with her signature brown curls. Combined with her tanned skin, and her piercing green eyes, her hair adds a good dose of sex appeal.

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