prabal_MacPut your credit card on notice. Because you’re about to clear your checking account once you stock up on the new collaboration between American designer
Prabal Gurung and beauty giant M.A.C Cosmetics. Our affection for both big brands is no secret ’round here at the
#ELLECanadaCloset, and this particularly wondrous
makeup collection has us fully enamoured. It’s one of those collections in which ALL pieces stand out; there’s no true hero (in our eyes anyway; don’t we sound just like your mother?). The
lipsticks are exceptional: a true, clean red called Carmine Rouge ($30), a dusty (yet vivid) violet named Ultramarine Pink (#30) and Light English Red, an oddly named but very beautiful beige nude.  And the best part of about the collection is its heft: these pieces are truly weighty. Holding up the Cream Colour Base (available in Coral Lumineux, $70) and dabbing it on your cheeks feels like you’ve traveled through time to the 1920s, working in a glamourous jazz club in New York City. What? You don’t feel the same? READ MORE:
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