deborah-lippmann-Donna-Karan-SS2015-NYFW-FINAL You won’t catch Deborah Lippmann with a French mani or pedi any time soon, but you will see her sporting nude, natural nails like these at Donna Karan, Spring 2015. Image courtesy of Deborah Lippmann.

Nail art is not dead (just being done in a much more subtle way). But there are two trends polish guru
Deborah Lippmann deems so totally over. The French pedi and toe nails that are just too long. "One of my pet peeves that I wish would go away is a toenail that hangs over," says Lippmann. "Especially when they’re really groomed and intentionally long. To me it’s just not a good look, the nail should be on the nail bed. If you ask me long toe nails and the French pedi are the things I wish would go away," says Lippmann.