NYFW Fall 2014 Beauty: 30 seconds of amazingness with Michael Kors

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Michael_KorsFall2014Michael Kors, looking pleased with the messy updo for his Fall 2014 show.

Backstage at the Fall 2014 Michael Kors show, the man of the hour strutted into the hair room, clad in his signature black tailored suit and aviators, beaming with pride over the venue. "Isn’t this so much $*%ing better than the Lincoln Center? We have natural light! Plus this space is much more chic." From there, he dashed over to check out the tousled,
"West Coast-inspired" updo built by Orlando Pita. As the photo above indicates, he was #INTOIT.
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Kors bks D RF14 1820The final windswept updo at Michael Kors Fall 2014. Photo courtesy of Imaxtree.com.

From there, he spotted supermodel Carolyn Murphy, who had just arrived with wet hair. "I knew I shouldn’t have washed my hair," she laughed, as the clouds of
dry shampoo filled the room. "Now you’re going to have to beat it." But the permanently tanned designer was more fixated on Murphy’s—you guessed it—
skin tone. Here, their brief but hilarious exchange:
MK: Why do you look tanner, did you have a roast, did you have sex?
CM: "No, I went to the Korean Spa."
MK: "What’s the name of your place again?"
CM: "Namaste New York City!"
MK: "Namaste New York City."
CM: "I’m sending it to you! I had it last night. I was out on the table doing craniosacral therapy, out on the table, drooling—it wasn’t attractive." After that, Michael joked about shaving model Frankie Raydar’s head before attempting to dash out (busy morning, obvs). But I managed to snag him for a second (essentially my blocking his point of exit). Here’s what he had to say about this vision for the beauty for the season.
"The collection is a big surf, big city combo. We wanted them to feel natural and undone and a little windswept. Honestly when the models come in I think they look more fabulous than when I see them done up so we just want ‘heightened’ beauty." Heightened beauty—very much in line with what Dick Page told us a few minutes prior about his idea of "amplifying beauty." Watch this space for more NYFW beauty coverage.
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