This is Antonio Corral Calero, Artistic Director for MoroccanOil, backstage at Cushnie & Ochs. Sadly, his amazingly shiny patent leather shoes aren’t in the shot. But, as great as his shoes were, that’s not the interesting bit. The hair Calero created for slinky, stylish show was super straight and shiny, with a center part — very wearable and very flattering. When I asked him what the inspiration was for the strong graphic look, he said, "Imelda Marcos." Yes, he’s talking about
this lady. "The designers got inspired by Imelda Marcos. So, they wanted something that looked opulent, rich and confident," he explained, "and Michelle [Ochs] was very much that way. The Cushnie et Ochs collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is about having confidence, looking your best, great lines. It’s healthy looking hair with a little edge. It’s sexy and simple at the same time."
Key product: Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.

Hair at Rag & Bone Backstage at Rag & Bone, the mood was a little frantic. For a start, the temperature was at least 400 degrees. The floor was packed with models, PR reps, press, photographers and security people, and the numerous floor fans did little to dissipate the humid, liquid-air conditions. Both Guido Palau (Redken’s master of all that is hair) and Gucci Westman (Revlon’s gorgeous and down-to-earth key artist) were cracking the whip to get the models in a show-ready state. Here’s what Guido had to say about the look for the hair, which was raked back with a wet, helmet-like front and left in soft waves at the back. "It’s sporty with a little 90s feeling," he explained. "It’s this idea of easy sophistication but in a minimal way, using wet and dry. This is all about big drama, big forehead, there’s the toughness of it going back, but it’s not completely hard. Very dramatic, but soft at the same time, and very impactful." Key product: Redken Hardware 16 Super Strong Gel.

Bonus! Here’s an image from Rag & Bone backstage of Gucci Westman and one of my favourite models because she’s so gosh darn nice, Liu Wen.

Food backstage at Rag & Bone
And finally, my fashion week challenge is: I pledge to eat food from every single catering station backstage this week. This may not sound like much of a task, but trust me, the risks of missing your interview slot because you’re
shoveling a spinach wrap down your gob are high; plus, eating is very un-fashion. Still, someone’s got to do the in-depth reportage, and here I am. Every backstage area has food stations – some consist of a few paltry, lifeless sandwiches, and others are happy-making, life affirming set ups. Today’s winner? Rag & Bone. Look at that spread. Admittedly, it had been picked over by the time I got to it, but imagine more sandwiches and nibbly bits. The dessert station wasn’t too shabby either. There were Madelines!

Food backstage at Rag & Bone