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Prabal-Gurung-spring-lip-colour-0989Sometimes, artists let secrets slip backstage. All photos courtesy of Imaxtree.com.

If seeing the designers, models and rock stars (beauty speak for all the hair, makeup and nail people we continually gush over) isn’t enough, what’s also pretty tremendous is the backstage advice you pick up along the way. Here, I share my favourite beauty tips heard backstage.

For thin lips: "Gloss adds shine because it creates a 3D volume type of thing but sometimes, with a matte lipstick or liner, you can overdraw [your lipline] to give you a really great shape and it’s not going to move around as much."—Charlotte Tilbury for M.A.C at Prabal Gurung
More backstage beauty tips from NYFW Spring 2014 after the jump…

victoria-beckham-nyfw-spring-2014-beauty-tipsA model gets her hair blown out at Victoria Beckham Spring 2014.

For flat waves: For a
bend in your hair that looks a little smushed, use your flat iron."When you use a tong (Brit speak for a curling iron), you’re giving it body," says Paul Hanlon for Osis at Prabal Gurung.
For eyelashes that pop: "Put
mascara, then lay down false individual eyelashes and then you lay down the mascara again. It helps to put mascara over the lashes again so it all intertwines—Kevyn Aucoin taught me that."—James Kaliardos for MAC at Ruffian
For a smooth manicure: "You should never shake nail polish," says Cheryl Natoli, director of manicurial arts at Ruffian. Rolling in your hand allows the mixer ball to do the work. Shaking creates air bubbles, which leads to a less-than-smooth finish.

For healthy hair: "The key about using a good hair dryer is the speed of a hair dryer. Because of the filaments and the speed of it, you want to keep the dryer on the hair for the least time possible, especially if you have processed, highlights, colour and that. With a quick dryer, it helps because you’re not spending as much time." —Guido Palau for Redken at Victoria Beckham Lhuillier-nyfw-2014-beauty-tips

Bare nails and a red lip stain at Monique Lhullier Spring 2014.

For dimension: "You want to mix matte textures with shine to create a dimensional face. This season is about texture. Instead of using a glittery highlighter, I’m using this mixing medium onto the top of the cheekbones." Val Garland for MAC at Monique Lhullier.
For thick nails:
"At most, buff only once a week," says Katie Jane Hughes for Butter London at Monique Lhullier. Hughes avoids buffing models’ nails during Fashion Weeks because by the end of four fashion weeks, models would be well, nailless.


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