NYFW Spring 2014 Backstage Beauty: Q&A with Shiseido’s Dick Page

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Marc-spring-2014-beauty Blue eyeshadow at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014. All photos courtesy of Imaxtree.com.

Playing sardines with a bunch of beauty editors is par for the course at New York Fashion Week. Recorders are shoved in the faces of our backstage beauty heroes with everyone hoping for a great quote—and we’re all going home with the same ones. But today the stars were aligned as I got to see makeup artist Dick Page twice—in the afternoon for Marc by Marc Jacobs and once again that same evening at Narciso Rodriguez, where I caught a few spare moments alone with Shiseido’s Artistic Director before the swarms of editors descended.

Catch my interview with Dick Page right after the jump…


The bare beauty look at Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014.

Q: How did Marc by Marc Jacobs turn out? A: I really liked it. It’s one of those weird things that you’re wrangling so much over to classify  something that is so simple—it’s like, ‘it’s a
little bit of eyeshadow. There’s your story’. I thought it was really pretty.
Q: What’s the look like tonight? A: I keep describing it as the right kind of nothing. We’ve done nothing for Narciso for a couple seasons now. The funny thing is I met Narciso with Calvin in the ’90s. Back then, it was like five years of the right kind of nothing, which seemed more radical at the time. But now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
Q: What is the best show for catering? A: My house.
Q: Do you eat when you’re working backstage? A: I do eat when I get really starving. Because you can’t afford to faint or be picky if you’re able to kill someone.
Q: How do you survive Fashion Week without killing someone? A: Sleep as much as I can, which is not very much. I play with the husband and I play with the dog. The funny thing is, right before Marc I was out with the dog and I kind of lost track of time and was like ‘Oh shit! I had to run back and shower and everything but I was like, ahh! So, that was kind of good because I wasn’t thinking about it. Also, I left my phone off. So if there is an emergency, too bad.
Q: What kind of dog do you have? A: A spinone. He’s really good. They’re like big muppets. Let me show you [Pulls out his iPhone to show off photos]. That’s his friend Roxy. That was right before this. His name’s Roger. He’s super cute. When I’m not working I’m either having sex or playing with the dog.
Q: Do you do anything else special to prepare for Fashion Week?
A: It’s just a job. It’s like anything. I do make sure I have, I don’t want to sound crunchy granola but I make sure I’ve got lots of vegetables in. Because if I do have an attack, I just eat something that feels real. I’ll put onions and garlic and loads of oil and vegetables in a pot and just inhale.
Q: What are you making a lot in your kitchen right now? A: I’m making a lot of South East Asian and Malaysian, Pokka food. There’s a really good omelet with green onions, ketchup, oyster sauce, fish sauce and a lot of beaten eggs, and you pour the eggs on top of the mixture and shimmy it in the pan.
Q: Do you do anything else to stay calm like yoga, meditation? A: Oh God no. I walk the dog and I ride my bike. And I go to the gym religiously twice a year.
Q: Where do you go out if you don’t feel like cooking? A: Wong. You have to go there. Go!


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