NYFW 2014 Backstage beauty: Idealized beauties—and Pepto pink lips—at Prabal Gurung

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The "Pepto pink" lip at Prabal was one of three vivid shades seen at the show. Photo by Imaxtree.

The mood backstage at Prabal Gurung’s Spring/Summer 2014 was warm (read: filled with pit stains) and energized (translation: more eye rolls than the first half of
Mean Girls). Through an open portion of the tent, you could spy the frosty gleam of the gowns and pops of pastels. Fan favourite model Karlie Kloss commanded a cartel of photographers playing hopscotch to catch of shot of her as she went from makeup to a lengthy rehearsal where the overheards ranged from a stressy "Where are the girls?" to "This is the longest rehearsal in the history of rehearsals" to "We still have 50 girls to do and the show starts in 20 minutes." Dramatic much, NYC? Also on the drama front, there was Gurung’s directive for the show: the notion of the hyper-perfect woman (muse alert! Should I be flattered?)
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The three lip looks at Prabal Gurung, courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury used several base products from Complete Comfort Creme to Match Master Concealer to create super matte skin without any contour or blush, what she described as an "elegant mannequin quality." The hero product? The brand’s Lipmixes, which Tilbury blended with lip pencils to c
reate three shades: a "Ladurée biscuit" pink, lavender and orange for a "super matte" finish.
Tilbury skipped mascara and instead used a coffee-coloured winged eyeliner. Nails mirrored the ’50s aesthetic of the makeup by pairing a Sally Hansen nail polish directly with the colour of dress the models wore down the runway. After applying the colour, the artist applied a matte top coat, finishing with a stripe of glossy topcoat to the nail tip. Over in super slicked hair land (these poor models are getting drenched over here in NYC), the dreamy Paul Hanlon for Osis waxed poetic about his interpretation of Gurung’s vision. "It’s this idea of preserved beauty," he explained. "For me, it’s the idea that the girls have been put in formaldehyde."
"It’s just how I look when I emerge from the pool"—the vinyl-inspired hair look. Photo by Imaxtree. After combing the models’ hair flat to the head and creating a clean, low part on the right side (to showcase those killer earrings, my pretty), Hanlon created a hat-like dent (wait—is being lazy cool again? Must investigate) with a hair net. Then he created irregular marcel waves that looked like "a snake in the hair" with a flat iron. Finally, Hanlon added vinyl-like shine (to mirror all that latex Gurung sent down the runway) with what seemed like 800 cans of Osis Sparkler Shine Spray. 

A high-shine Karlie Kloss hits the catwalk. Photo by Imaxtree.


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