Summer is all about fresh, youthful skin that’s not caked down with heavy makeup. ELLE Canada spoke to celebrity make up artist Carmindy from TLC’s What Not to Wear to get the low-down on how to achieve that summer glow minus the goop.

Tip#1: Slap on the sunscreen!
It’s an absolute must-have for the summer (although don’t forget about it during the winter!). Carmindy suggests getting one with an SPF of at least 15 and choose one that contains zinc. “The zinc is what really helps block out the majority of the sun’s rays,” she adds. “You can even find tinted moisturizers today that have SPF30 in them. They are ideal because you put three steps in one; moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen.” Don’t neglect the rest of your body — sunscreen all over.

Tip #2: Lay off the heavy creams!
There is nothing worse in the summer than to realize that your makeup seems to have disappeared! A lot of the disappearing act has to do with using too many creams on your face. Carmindy suggests using loose powders and very lightly dusting them across areas that are needed. “Use sheer washes of colour in powder form, but use very lightly,” she advises. “This will soak up any access oil, but still leave your skin looking fresh and clean.” Only use translucent powders on your T-zone to avoid looking too powdered and a sheer light blush will give you a healthy flush.

Tip #3: Waterproof your makeup!
The heat will cause havoc to your eye makeup causing creases in on your lids and smudges under your eyes. To help avoid the smearing or running of mascara and eyeliner be sure to use waterproof versions. “Everyone should always use a black mascara,” Carmindy explains. “No matter your skin tone or hair colour. It just gives great definition and even if you don’t do anything else to your eyes, they look done. You want more impact with less makeup.” To keep your lids crease-free, use a light dusting of translucent powder over them before apply shadow.

Get glowing on the next page …Tip #4: Brighten up your pucker!
Nothing looks hotter on a lip than a bright sheer colour that pops in the summer. Stick to the glosses because they give a sheer look and don’t be afraid of bright, bold colours. “Using a sheer gloss in a bright colour looks fresh and really youthful,” Carmindy explains. A gloss will also give you fuller, softer lips than a lipstick.

Tip #5: Get glowing!
Give your skin a bronzy glow with a little bit of bronzer. The key is to apply it properly says Carmindy. First, nix your old habit of dusting powder bronzer on the apples of your cheeks, temples, nose and chin. “Make up artists who tell you to apply it that way have the right tools and can blend it really well,” she explains. “Most women don’t have the tools or the time, so they end up looking dirty.” Follow these steps and you will look naturally golden. If using a powder bronzer apply to your temples and glide in down the side of you face next to your hairline and underneath your cheekbones — not on the apples of your cheeks. Be sure to be light handed and blend well. If you are using a cream or liquid bronzer you can either mix a bit into your moisturizer and apply all over the face or use a sponge to blend it in the same areas mentioned for powder.

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