Photo by Stephanie Boridy

It’s well known that our sense of smell and sense of taste are inextricably linked, but how strongly?
This week, 
Downy Infusions came up with an innovative way to investigate this question, by collaborating with leading Toronto chef Jeff Claudio of
Yours Truly to demonstrate how the scent notes in its products can have a culinary application. Over the course of the evening, a stylish crowd of editors and bloggers was challenged by Downy’s scent expert
Sue Phillips to identify which family of scents most appealed to us (Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Oriental), and to call upon our own scent memories to exemplify the power of fragrance.
The dinner was held to fete the launch of the Downy Infusions collection: six new fabric softeners with amazing scent combinations, including Sage Jasmine and Spice Blossom (a mix of cinnamon, cloves and amber).
Each course of the incredible meal was infused with a scent note – citrus in the amuse bouche, lavender dusted on duck. It was a compelling argument for the link between
fragrance and flavour. The end result? We’re fairly certain that from now on doing the laundry (with Downy Infusions, natch) will always make us hungry.