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Jared Leto may have brought a resurgence to the
ombré hair trend (it was getting a bit stale if you ask me) but the real, and slightly unexpected, trend that’s emerging this year is purple hair. Let me clarify, ladies.
This isn’t your Manic Panic purple, it’s a more your-eccentric-grandma kind of hue — think a silver lilac tint. We’ve seen it on
trend-setters like Sienna Miller (who went for a more rose gold colour) and on Kelly Osbourne, who has been flip-flopping between grey and purple for almost three years. The latest celeb to dye her hair in this cool hue is Nicole Richie. Her style is impeccable, so naturally, so is her hair. Makes you want to ring up your hair colourist right this second, right?
UPDATE: Ok, so Nicole Richie just pulled a Jimmy Kimmel on us. She may have not
actually colour her hair as we first thought. We dug up this old photo from
THAT Magazine, which shows Nicole in the same shot, only with a more natural hair colour. We’re hoping she really did colour her hair purple. Do you?
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