Never get an ingrown hair again. Here’s how.

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ingrown-hairs-blog-post Ready to hit the beach this summer? Do it sans ingrown hairs! Yes, it can be done. Image courtesy of Getty.

Anyone who takes care of
unwanted body hair by shaving has definitely dealt with the plight of ingrown hairs. Likely more times than you would care to count. But this summer will be different. Why? Because I rounded up tips from shaving expert and Schick spokesperson Jennifer Carnevale from Energizer Canada, which will lessen the chance of those pesky, painful ingrowns popping up.
Carnevale’s tips to banish ingrown hairs:

1. Exfoliate. It unclogs pores by removing excess sebum, dirt and grime on the skin.
2. Change your blades. Using a fresh, clean blade ensures your skin doesn’t come in contact with pore clogging bacteria.
3. Never shave dry skin. A razor with a skin conditioning solid or a shave gel will help the blade glide along the skin and reduce irritation and nicks.
4. Use proper shaving techniques. Shave in the direction the hair grows.
5. Keep the area moisturized and clean. Any dead skin cells and other debris left on the skin can block the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow in the wrong direction.
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