The recent boom of organic beauty companies and natural beauty companies made me think: What does Canada have to offer? I’ve tracked down the best natural beauty companies and organic beauty products across the nation whose products are not only good for you but will make your
skin glow.

Pure Simple

Starting out as an organic spa in 2000 this company quickly exploded into three locations across Toronto and their own organic cosmetic line. Kristen Ma, co-founder, says that in order to develop a cutting edge organic makeup line they wanted to ensure it was made of completely pure ingredients, more moisturizing, affordable and hassle free. Switching over from lavender wax, the makeup is now pressed with copaiba oil giving it a creamier consistency that holds hydration better. Purchasing finely milled minerals Pure Simple goes one step further and mills them again. This micro-pulverization creates a smoother look that settles into fine lines giving an even application. Pure Simple cosmetics are for a no fuss kind of woman. No buffing required these pressed compacts also will not spill inside your new favourite handbag. These products are an all-in-one sun barrier and anti inflammatory that won’t clog your pores. With 24 foundations and 27 face colours you’re sure to find a match at Pure Simple. If shopping online you can send a picture of your skin or name of the makeup you’re using now and they’ll hunt it down to find just the right product for you. Check out to peruse new fall colours.


Julia Michener had a skin condition for years and couldn’t seem to find products that could calm her face. After thorough research she discovered that a lot of ingredients in products she was using were allergens. She says, "I developed a skin cream, used it for about a week and it totally got rid of my condition." Inspired by this savior cream, Julia then traveled to India and studied Ayurveda, an East Indian holistic health. Upon returning home she launched her company in March 2005 as an all natural beauty alternative. There are now ten products in her line which includes moisturizers, cleansers and sprays. The name Nadarra was chosen because it means ‘natural’ in Gaelic, and that’s what Julia’s company is all about. Some may be skeptical if it’s not found at Shoppers, but Julia assures that, "These products smell just as good as the ones with chemical fragrances in them, and they work even better. People who have skin sensitivities find Nadarra products to be really beneficial." Not satisfied with products that are loaded with fragrances and preservatives? Your solution awaits at Also keep an eye out, er…literally, as Julia launches an eye cream this fall.

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Pure Biologique

This one-year-old company originally made it onto the radar because of its sumptuous soaps. Stella Mindorff decided only a year ago that she wanted to have a completely organic store, and that’s exactly what she did. What do I mean by ‘store’? Pure Biologique now carries organic bath balms, soaps, body butters, shampoo and conditioner, soy candles, lip shimmers, baby clothing and handbags made from reclaimed material. New this fall there’ll also be environmentally friendly jewelry, greeting cards and clothing. Stella quips, "We basically sell everything organic that isn’t food. Everything that’s available in organic we use." She describes making the beauty products as chemistry. Without using any synthetic colours, Pure combines specific oils to create vegan soaps that not only smell and look good, but feel good as well. Stella also only uses fair trade ingredients. She says, "I always use certified fair trade. If we buy something that isn’t grown in Canada I always make sure I can trace its origins." Stella’s belief in her products is what is most ‘pure’ about this company. Although her products are organic she wants her customers to pick it because it’s the best, not just because it’s organic and trendy. Check out for a full list of products.

Exuberance By Fedor

Three years ago Jodi Fedor saw a need for higher end natural products that literally bring out the best in women. Starting out in her grandfather’s basement kitchen she learned what worked (and what didn’t) through batches of trial and error. Calling in a chemist to ensure the products were sound Jodi launched her natural beauty line mid 2004. Exuberance now has a total of eight products, including the star, an Indian Rose Daily Face Hydration. Jodi says that she wants her customers to know, "That we’re real and authentic. The company wasn’t created to separate us or create an income. It was really intended to make a difference." This genuineness is expressed through the blogs at Touching on more than just external beauty the blogs are meant to create a community and show you the faces, energy and spirit of the people behind Exuberance. Jodi also belives in helping women find their own exuberance one step at a time. That’s why 10% of every purchase goes to the charity Oxfam. She says Exuberance is, "Being authentic to yourself, bringing out whatever is best in you and living your own truth." Look good and feel great, who could argue with that?

green2.jpgSultry Suds
Toronto- based Sultry Suds has been creating luxurious soaps, sans synthetic ingredients, since 2004. Head Artisan, Jenna Scott, studied herbal medicine at the Dominion Herbal College and started making soap as a hobby. As a trained herbalist Jenna says what makes her products unique is, "When we are formulating our products we don’t only think of making it smell good, we try to make it therapeutic as well. We use oils that will really soothe the skin. Our products are also still hand made in small batches with olive, coconut and palm oils." It’s not just the products that are environmentally friendly, the packaging is recyclable and the labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. With something for everyone, her products include natural soaps and bodycare for men and women and a babycare line called Tiny Petals. Launching new products this fall a whipped Vanilla Blossom Body Butter, Vanilla Blossom Soap, Frankincense Shaving Soap for the man in your life, and a Belly Butter for pregnant moms can all be found at Other exclusive services offered are custom scented soaps and labels for wedding favours, and hand picked gift baskets for the holidays, because it’s never too late to start shopping!

LaVigne Organics
While living in Mexico, BC local, Linda Zaurrini discovered what she now calls ‘Mayan Magic’. Starting with just a healing balm that included the unique ingredient Tepezcohuite, Linda developed it into a beauty line, because of this herb’s amazing ability to regenerate skin cells. As more cosmetic clinics seem to pop up every day it becomes obvious that women are going to further lengths to solve the problems of aging and acne. Stop! The mystery has been unraveled with these paraben- free, non toxic, organic products. Linda comments, "Its qualities are so unique and its ancient healing goes back thousands of years. I’ve got people in their 20s with acne and customers in their 60s using these products. People see results." Linda’s line includes 16 healing products with everything from soothing Affirm Body Wraps to Pure Vitamin C Serum and Clear Magic Mist. There’s even something for woman’s best friend, a Magic Pet Balm. Tepezcohuite has been found to be excellent not only for your skin but tresses as well. Watch out this next year as Linda plans to develop a hair care line that will have a shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonic. Go to for more info and online shopping.

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