Can you wear makeup to the gym?

Can you do a statement eye and a lip together?

Is there such thing as too much glitter?
Yes! [laughs]

Champagne or Vodka?

Tattoo or piercing?

Surf or ski?
Surf. If you’d said surf or snowboard, that would be a much harder question.

High heels or flats?
Both. I love heels, but I play a lot of sports, so I can’t walk around in high heels all the time or my Achilles will pop. So I’ll go flats one day, and heels another.

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What’s your skin care regimen?
I’m really addicted to Skinceuticals – even my kids use it now. [Skinceuticals is owned by L’Oreal, the same company who owns Urban Decay.] I love it because it’s super task oriented. It’s right to the point. ‘This one’s got alpha-hydroxy acids, this one’s got antioxidants, and Vitamin C, this one’s got retinol’ – I know exactly what’s up. When my skin is dry I throw on the B5 hydrating serum. I mix it with Retin-A and that’s my skincare routine.

Where do you go to get your hair done?
Louis, the owner of Madison salon here in Newport cuts it. He’s in a really cool loft on the beach right by my house; I ride my bike over there.

Are you a spa person?
I do like spas. My favourite is the Montage in Laguna. I love the indoor/outdoor feel of it. They have a relaxation area with a super high wall that is clothing optional, but it’s still outside. It’s really great.

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Who are the designers you can’t live without?
Balenciaga handbags are my favourite. Heels, I like shoes by Saint Laurent. I have two pairs of McQueen that are really comfortable, I just got a pair of Giovanni Rossi that I am in love with. They’re so pretty: a gunmetal crackle leather, they’re so cool, and I can wear them all day. I have a new rule: the 3.5 inch rule. I decided I’m not going to get any heels that are higher than that, even if I love them. I’m 5”11 and they’re uncomfortable… Clothing: I just got a Vanessa Bruno leather jacket. I love her – she’s so edgy and uses great lines.

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