Three things we learned from Amelie Ducharme, artistic director for makeup at
MFW and Cover Girl makeup pro when talking about the makeup for Soia and Kyo:
1. You can play up more than one feature on the face.
2. Contouring is actually pretty simple to do.
3. You can pull off dewy skin (and not just look sweaty) by taking it down a notch from the runway look. Makeup at
Soia and Kyo was fresh and modern makeup, with a focus on the lips (a bit of a signature for this label) but the skin was also played up. We’ve all heard that you should focus on one feature. But Amelie says you can so play up two areas–just know that a very bold lip with heavy eye makeup will be dramatic. But there’s no rules against playing up lips and skin, or eyes and brows, or lips and brows, etc.

For this show, models sported
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Enchantress 365–a bright pink (try this if you’re blonde with a pinky skintone)–or Fairytale 405, which will suit you better if you have dark hair and olive skintone.
Tip: Apply lip liner after applying lipstick. "It’ll glide on more easily," says Amelie, and then blend with a brush.
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