Montreal Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty Day 1

Sep 28 2010 by
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By Karen Kwan Ever wonder how those fantastic runway hair styles come to be? I chatted with Denis Binet, creative director for hair for Montreal Fashion Week and Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist, as he was prepping for the David Dixon show. “I ask the fashion designer where, for the 17 minutes of their show, do they want their audience to go,” says Binet. “Is it the future? The street? The office? Is it 5 a.m. or midnight? Who’s their muse? What type of music will the show have? Will the models be smiling or looking serious? And what type of light will the runway have?”

And for Dixon’s show, the models were to look like a chic and feminine girl on the street, after a day at the office, happy. And with a clean red, white and blue palette (including some striped fabrics) Binet was inspired to make a fresh hair look, a style he envisioned a woman sweeping her hair up into at 5 p.m. and clipping into place (“or even holding in place with a pencil,” he says).

Categories: Beauty