Miley Cyrus’ new bowl cut hairstyle

Jan 20 2014 by
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Miley-Cyrus-blog-postMiley Cyrus sporting a slightly longer hairstyle before she cuts it into a bowl cut. Image courtesy of Getty

Miley has made some questionable fashion choices over the past year (we look back at her craziest moments in 2013 here) and has experimented with bleaching her brows, but her latest hairstyle has us scratching our heads.
We were just getting used to her platinum undercut when the "twerking" singer stepped out in…wait for it…a bowl cut (SEE IT HERE). Remember that hairstyle that every boy in the 8th grade had in the late ’90s? We’re hoping that this is just an awkward transition into a longer ‘do. Here are a few of her most recent Instagram posts. Miley-Cyrus-Bowl-Cut-2014 Miley-Cyrus-Bowl-cutImage courtesy of

OVER TO YOU! What do you think of Miley’s most recent look?
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