The lip at Max Mara is killing me. Not so softly. Image courtesy 

The best lip so far between New York, London and Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 is hands down, the crisp-edged red at Max Mara. Face painted Tom Pecheux for M.A.C called the look "The curtain call at La Scala and a French Bordello." He used a new lipstick for the show called Hearts Aflame, which will hit counters this fall. For an ultra matte finish, he patted on M.A.C Pro Basic Red Pigment.

Paired with flawless skin and absolutely *ZERO* mascara (just curled lashes), this uncomplicated look is the solution for those days when you wake up feeling like you completed a Tough Mudder the day prior (when really, your inability to cut yourself off from Pinot Noir and House of Cards was to blame). Everyone freaks out about their eyes—piling on concealer, liner, highlighter, mascara—when in truth, you should draw the focus to the lip and forget all that extra work. This matte lipstick looks polished and strong. Cheers to that.